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Zapper: i am not getting worked up Things like this dont bother me at all

Zapper: Well we willl see what he does

Rosie: hiya guys and gals :) zapper said there new stuff here so what new?

Fireclam: wat

Fireclam: endlessonliine???

Fireclam: hory shit

Elemental: whatsup

Silverfox: grats kid

Zlorek: :D <3

Zlorkowa: <3

Bigfuzzynugz: hey oes anyone want to help a new player

Zlorek: just asking :P

Zlorek: true :P

Zonnetje: if people train they dont talk u whas also afk the whole day or training

Zlorek: most likely afk xd

Horatio: or afk

Horatio: glb is not dead but no1 say something because they are training

Zlorek: it is >.<

Zlorek: is global dead?xd

Zlorek: oh :p

Zonnetje: from me

Zlorek: what was that announcment xD

Zonnetje: ???

Zlorek: wut :d

Zwak: how to rev pet??

Zapper: night everyone cya tomorrow GL

Atom: yeah, port will be a newb hub for sure soon xD

Zapper: right but would be nice to know so I can help newb's

Zapper: nice

Zapper: wc

Zapper: i was thinking a free membership for her would be a nice jsdture

Atom: sorry late reply, regarding neck - only the valmore heirloom one from freelancer questline, can upgrade to mc one

Zwak: what does it take for imp 5?

Zlorek: yeaaa

Zwak: plat coin update is life

Zlorek: /warp craft1 there is dwarf npc that sell follower revival

Zwak: how to rev pet?

Zlorek: necklace is unpgradable?

Zlorek: u cant set custom title?;p

Zlorek: oh nice

Atom: buy at 5% for example, sell at port for 9%

Atom: just means if you enter AH and the price is anything below 9%, you can make profit on anything you buy lol

Atom: till next day

Atom: after 5 times entered, you are stuck with the auction house at max price, in port

Atom: roll can give you different map / prices

Atom: basically now since the update a few days back, you get 5 chances each day, each warp in is different roll

Zlorek: so every day prices are diferent at this auctioner?

Zonnetje: great

Atom: and final is all the automated and daily training places

Atom: next is for class upgrade quests, so they don't have to hunt the npc and houses down to do that

Atom: 1 portal takes them and tells them about /warp craft1 - 11, it warps them too for easy sake

Atom: also added a materials exchange

Atom: behind the house is a boss challenge / spawn npc

Atom: added auction house on the left, and several fenced areas full of 30 minute chest spawns

Atom: added 3 portal / npcs to port, these will help guide people around the world, and can be found to the right

Zonnetje: u doing great

Zonnetje: nice

Atom: dropped the price on enchanted accessories to 1k as well

Zonnetje: run the policeeeeee

Zonnetje: wb xD

Zlorek: oh nice

Atom: right, restarting

Atom: the AH maps go 0,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 % so profit can be made between visits / days xD

Atom: well, higher than the 0% rock bottom prices

Atom: some stuff not

Zlorek: but as u said high prices tho

Atom: but needs a craft license to make stuff with those mainly

Zlorek: nice :D

Atom: yes all top end resources can be bought there with copper

Atom: and each map has an npc with different prices by a bit

Atom: it's just 8 maps and 5 chances a day xD

Zlorek: in AH u can buy with copper?

Zlorek: dont get that auc house but will check it xD

Zwak: finshed

Atom: so AH and licence still has some worth

Atom: the port auction house will be 9% so highest prices possible

Atom: yes, devil spawns npcs from the world so yep

Zlorek: u should add some exchange piggys to plats in fair ratio xd

Atom: port will be remade a bit, adding in 30 minute chest spawns, the piggy shop npcs, an auction house, the potions and accesories

Zwak: even in devil?

Atom: xD

Zwak: last devil wave smh

Zlorek: nice! :D

Atom: and Plats from harder npcs, bosses more than normals

Atom: After restart, silver and gold will drop from all npcs, bosses more than normals

Zlorek: so u can get there with that spell?xd

Zonnetje: pet is doing his work only :P

Zlorek: xd

Atom: I have 5 min worth of mapping to do xD

Zwak: how loong reset?

Zonnetje: its ok

Zlorek: its ok u can rstrt

Zlorek: u cant get there via summon party spell?xd

Zonnetje: tickets and some exp potions but also u need to be lvl 150 reborn to get in that house

Zlorek: whats the ings for MC pet?

Zonnetje: yes

Zwak: are mc items the best?

Zlorek: yup

Silverfox: 70 I believe

Zwak: whats max devil waves?

Zonnetje: brb dogs need out for rain comes

Zlorek: ohhh

Atom: each spawn point is random as well, and there are 4 spawn points for each wave, so it's pretty random lol

Atom: and sometimes very rare, the bonus wave is all 10m exp or plats etc lol

Atom: RT is randomly selected adversaries each wave, so sometimes it won't spawn the ones you need, sometimes it will spawn all xD

Zonnetje: i idea for u

Zonnetje: pm john

Zlorek: i dont get it, im not getting any platinium coins from RT...

Atom: I've just got to do the drop lists for the currencies, then fix a couple maps and should be ready

Zonnetje: yea thats good

Atom: yeah but everyone uses RT already lol

Zwak: when will be in effect?

Atom: maybe dragons cave?

Zonnetje: some in rt?

Atom: I'll add silver / gold to those tho xD

Zonnetje: ow yes lol sorry

Atom: plats

Atom: reborn 1 when you first start needing them is it?

Zonnetje: just a thought

Zonnetje: flowies and babarians?

Horatio: good 1

Zonnetje: good one lol

Atom: which npcs xD

Atom: just which areas are people wanting drops in is all

Horatio: thats sound great

Atom: like maybe small chance for 5-50 silver / gold drops from everything and 2 or 3 npcs that drop plats

Atom: I have a few options, I can give every npc a small chance of dropping any silver and gold, and some specific npcs for plats

Horatio: i think they need more plats john

Atom: where would you guys most like to farm drops of silver, gold and plats?

Zonnetje: ty john for my change xD

Atom: I'm on it :)

Zwak: ^^

Zlorek: i hope so coz plats are pain in the ass now xd

Zonnetje: ty

Zonnetje: see to hot here hahaha

Atom: yeah, after the update it will be better, promise lol

Atom: ah !! lol

Zonnetje: wc

Zonnetje: the last 1 yes lol hace it hot here so typ stupid

Zwak: 50 plat coins for mach 2 rip my day

Atom: We have another server for the long term slow grindy way if anyone prefers that tho :)

Atom: designed to max you out, which leaves not too much at top end xD

Zonnetje: hey john read pm 1 sec

Atom: so we could increase damage techincally a lot, just by making the damage dealer automated as a pet, but sadly, this server is

Zonnetje: true

Atom: they also hit faster than we can, so there's that, and they heal you - and the exotic ones have 5mill hp

Zonnetje: xD

Atom: xD

Zonnetje: iam in lovenwhit my pet 2 reborns

Atom: as they can go as high as needed, mine is up to 800k crits

Atom: or using the pet system

Atom: with 64k etc - kinda pointless on here :S

Atom: currently, it looks as though on here we will be limited to 32k's, however, we have an option of creating some non aoe weps wit

Atom: yeah mc crafting locked behind max level, alternative is buying drops from people

Horatio: if you got the class master at 150 reborns

Zwak: how do you obtain the licence for mc shop

Zlorek: will be there ever dmg/hp/stats cap highered?;p

Atom: located in /home map, inside the right side house, but needs a licence from the bouncer outside to enter

Zwak: where is the mc craft shop?

Zlorek: nice :D

Atom: or plats direct

Atom: they will be 10 min spawns of chests, that drop bags :)

Zlorek: how long does items in chests spawn?

Zlorek: xD

Atom: have to choose which still xD

Atom: going to add silver and gold drops to lower npcs too before update rolls out

Zlorek: nice :D

Atom: just writing some scripts for portals and such

Atom: yeah RT should be okay for you till then, port map will look a bit different in about 30-60 min

Zlorek: im 6 rb and dmg 17k

Atom: so it will be more about getting enough copper, silver or gold to make plats

Zlorek: nice :D

Atom: and give access to a 9% auction house to everyone

Atom: chests*

Atom: Depends if you're strong enough to do RT or not, I'm just working on an update that should help a little bit with spawns of che

Zlorek: whats the best way to get platin coins?

Zlorek: u cant get platinium from coins bag?

Iceangel: hi guys

Zwak: getting plat coins takes forever to kill

Zonnetje: wc

Zonnetje: 10m exp sacks

Zapper: nice what did atom say about your pet

Zonnetje: btw for the lower people owner is making things beter so u guys can get platinum coins

Zonnetje: my pet is nub again

Zonnetje: reborn 2 also

Zonnetje: yes xD

Zapper: Zonnetje is your pet leveling now?

Zonnetje: i can show u but u will see do /warp home

Zonnetje: u need to hit hard

Zwak: rb 5 good?

Zonnetje: they are verry hard

Zonnetje: i think ur to weak for them

Zwak: can somebody show me how to get to octo n wurm giant

Zonnetje: ty mr nub

Horatio: hey nub the same hihi

Horatio: lol

Zonnetje: grats nub

Zonnetje: tssss

Atom: good luck to you too :)

Silverfox: g2g take wife shopping bb soon GL